PaidVerts And MyTrafficValue Summary

PaidVerts is a revolutionary PTC that is owned by MyTrafficValue which is the most transparent crowd funding site online.

How Does MTV Work?

There are many ways of making money with MTV, but the basic idea is that you invest a certain amount of money, and the website owner and his programming crew invest that money either into physical money-making things (like renting out houses), or computer programs, games, or something else that can make money.

mytrafficvalue logo

The created products need to make 2.86x the amount of money it cost to create them to be profitable.

Once you invest money you are placed in the “Fast Track Queue,” and as the people at the front of the queue get paid, you get moved up in line.

They have 3 different plans:

  • 170% plan. This is the free one that anyone can invest in.
  • 200% plan. You have to pay $1000 to get access to the plan for 1 year.
  • 240% plan. You have to pay $500,000 to get access to the plan for 1 year.

The payments to access the plans are not refunded to you, so make sure you have enough money to invest that you’ll make a profit.

MTV shows all the money they get, the products they create, and show all of the money going in and out of the site.

The admin also posts daily updates on the forum, and tells the members everything that he’s planning for the site.

How Does PaidVerts Work?

To understand PaidVerts you need to understand what BAP is and how it works,

BAP (Bonus Ad Points) are what determines how much money you get for every ad issue.

The more BAP you have, and the higher your BAP group is, the more money you get.

You lose 1 BAP for every $.0005 that you get in ads. So if you get $1.05, you will lose 2100 BAP, and then you can buy an ad pack for $1.05 and get 3100 BAP. That’s 1000 BAP profit or around 50 cents!

You can obtain BAP by buying ad packs for $1.05, or selling your shares for BAP on MyTrafficValue.

You can check out this site owned by a PV Mod to see the average earnings for the past week, 2 weeks, and month, and compare them to the all time PaidVerts group earnings.

If you want a more detailed overview of PaidVerts, you can check out this post!


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